Break the Trend Line for Your Brand

How to Change Your Brand’s Destiny by Elevating Your Sales Force’s Ability to Compete and Win in a Changing Healthcare Ecosystem


A Research-based Approach that Delivers a 2-4% Increase in Market Share Every Year above Baseline Growth for Brand Teams and Marketing Leaders Selling Biologics, Pharmaceuticals, or Medical Device Products.

Lift elevates your district manager’s ability to change the mindset and behavior of their sales reps so they consistently execute at a measurably higher level. We can demonstrate this in Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 evaluations through neutral third parties. When you need to change your brand’s trend line to deliver the growth goals your organization expects, Lift is an intuitive and powerful solution that works. How is Lift different from everything else out there? Scroll down to learn more.

Elevate Your Sales Force’s Ability to Execute Your Brand Strategy

  • Lift is about delivering execution excellence. It empowers and motivates your district managers to connect the dots between brand strategy and face-to-face execution across every member of their district. It gives your salespeople the 3 things they need to win: The right mindset, the right behaviors, and right focal points of action that will move the needle for your brand in its competitive and payer context. But most importantly it solves the most challenging problem of all: how to get your reps to change their own mindset and behavior so they can change the mindset and behavior of the physician and other key stakeholders in the office that are the key to growth. In other words Lift is about delivering behavior change. And to do that, Lift empowers your DMs to work with the 5 kinds of salespeople and how quickly they internalize and adopt new ways of thinking and behaving: the key to execution excellence and breaking your trend line.
  • Generally speaking, there are 5 kinds of salespeople in a typical region or district: Superstars, First Movers, Second Movers, Third Movers, and Non-responders.
  • The first burst of growth comes from your Superstars and First Movers, who require the least coaching because they intuitively get the brand strategy and can figure out on their own. All they need is a little direction and they can close the gaps on their own.
  • The second burst of growth, which is a bit larger, comes when your Second Movers come on line. They require more repetition and concrete examples than the more intuitive First Movers. And they require more feedback, coaching, and support. But when they do come on line, watch out because the second movers are the ones who provide the lift that bends the trend line into positive territory to deliver 13 week over 13 week growth. That’s when the whole sales force feels the change in momentum as the energy swells and growth accelerates.
  • The third burst of growth happens when your Third Movers come on line. They take the longest because they have internal conflicts that have to be identified and ironed out. Lift shows your District Managers how to do that. But when they do finally come on line, that’s when your competitors really feel the heat because now the market has shifted and the sales force’s swagger and confidence surges to another level.
  • These 3 successive surges of volume and market share growth reliably overwhelm the competition and cement the brand’s leadership position.

There is a Wide Range of Rep Responsiveness to Coaching.

How quickly do they internalize and apply new insights & behaviors?

A Weekly Cadence of Action, Accountability, and Reflection

The last reason Lift works is because it gives your managers a simple mechanism to achieve execution mastery through a weekly cadence of account-specific and HCP-specific goal setting in the beginning of the week and reflection, celebration, and problem solving at the end of the week. It’s a simple approach that reliably motivates your sales reps to step by step, week by week, month by month internalize and operationalize the right mindset, behaviors, and focal points of action that move the needle for your brand.

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