Disrupting the Status QuoTM

A Research-based Approach to Delivering Growth for Brand Teams, Sales Leaders, and Learning & Development Professionals Selling Biologics, Pharmaceuticals, or Medical Device Products.

What is Challenging the Status Quo and Why Does it Matter?


Challenging the Status Quo is a simple process for getting the physician, and other key stakeholders along the continuum of care, to think and act differently about how they approach treating patients with your brand. It involves sharing new insights, asking compelling questions that get the healthcare provider to think in new directions, and then cementing that new perspective into concrete and meaningful commitments to write your brand for the appropriate patients. It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it works. How do we know? Scroll down to learn more.

Better Behaviors Deliver Better Outcomes

Before Challenging the Status Quo only 2 of 7 Customer Engagement Behavioral Drivers were significantly higher than competitors. After Challenging the Status Quo the total treatment experience significantly improved compared to competitors. 6 of 7 Customer Engagement Behavioral Drivers were significantly higher than competitors as independently measured by a neutral 3rd party. Now sales training is focusing on closing the last gap: “Fully understands me, my staff, practice, and patient mix.”


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